The Glacier Rise is Glacier Man's special weapon.


A short block of ice appears in front of the user from below with a height of half the user's jump capacity. Chargeable for a large ice block. If there is a non-edge wall in front of the user, the ice block will appear past the wall. Even if there is no floor, the ice block will rise, granting situations that will result in a really long block instead of a small one.


Does no damage. It can, however, cause enemies to rise to the top edge of the screen, destroying them. If the enemy touches another enemy doing so, both are destroyed. If the enemy hits a ceiling, the enemy still dies. The user can move on the ice block, but like all other ice blocks, they are slippery. Stun Woman and Hot Woman are the only Robot Masters that are affected by this move. This move is Stun Woman's weakness, as she takes damage from this move. When used on Hot Woman, her Fire Dance cancels and she becomes temporarily immobile by this move (similar to Glacier Man against Fire Dance)


Turns the color scheme of the user and the energy bar to cyan.


  • This move is similar to the Gravity Hold from Mega Man 5, but the Glacier Rise doesn't affect all enemies.
  • The Glacier Rise can be used to fill in gaps on stages, allowing the user to go past them.

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