Golem 3
Golem HG or Golem mark High Gatler is a golem robot that is boss from Megaman X:Kukku War as boss from Golems spelunk chapter 3.


The HG is a modified and repaired PZ that has a huge laser cannon and extensible arms and legs.Its HP is 80 Hits.


  • He will begin to jump and shoting lasers.
  • Then he will take a saber from his back and slash the ceiling making boulders fall.
  • After 40% of his HP Is depleted his head explodes leaving the pilor visible.
  • After that,He will create spikes on the left and right wall and the ceiling and the shoting lasers dizzy.


  • It could be also a prototype of a most powerfull Golem judging from the fact PZ has more attacks.
  • It appeared also in Megaman X:Right Back at you whit new designs.

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