This is a Greek-Like song sung By Iris (MMX4) and Zero (MMX Character). Lyrics:

Zero: I know what you're thinking, I'm thinking it too!

Iris: I'm not sure what you're thinking, So maybe that's true.

Zero: I don't know what happened, but I have no regrets.

Iris: For real? Or because you-know-who doesn't know yet?

Zero: Oh, it's just between us!

Iris: Not exactly. Someone made a fuss!

Iris: They sure weren't meant to see! But that locked door couldn't secure our privacy!

Lord C: She's got such a great voice. I can't make out the lyrics, speak up!

Zero and Iris: Shush!

Zero: Fine! Let's do it! Let's clear the air!

Iris: Save it for later, look out for that Thing There!

Zero: Ahhh! The pain, the pain! Too much to explain!

Iris: We've gotta stop what we're doing! Cause this is just insane!

Zero: The Lion Thing's got me! And that's seriously lame!

Iris: Thanks, mister Lion-Bot, I guess I win this game!

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