Guard Man

Vital statistics
Title The Silent Bodyguard,
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction None
Health 28
Level Easy
Status Unknown
Location Castle

Guard Man is a Robot Master boss from Mega Man Century.


Issac Rossum is being fed up by everyone who wants to use his genius for whatever reason. He went to England for a while to examine the British Guardsmen. He uses them as a base for Guard Man. Guard Man never leaves Rossum's side... but was unable to protect him when he was killed. Since then, he feels bad for himself, even though his outward expression doesn't change. He feels he was responsible for Rossum's death because of this.

Good Point: Bodyguard

Bad Point: Not fun

Like: England

Dislike: Failure


If the name of this Robot Master doesn't tell you what it does, I don't know what is. Has the appearance of a British guard. All he does is attack and defend with Wave Guard. He doesn't jump or move, unless necessary. However, he has strong rapid-fire multi-directional attacks from his buster. His Weapon is Wave Guard, a strong shield attack. The user cannot move when this shield is active, even in midair, which makes it a psuedo-platform. The shield is active by holding the attack button. When the button is released, a circular wave of energy is released all around the user, attacking anything in its way.


Guard Man is a predictable boss, even though his moves will almost guarantee hit Mega Man. Initially, he has no weaknesses, since Flat Man can only be faught last. Stunning Heart is a good alternative, but this weapon alone can not defeat Guard Man. Sweet Tide passes through Wave Guard, so it is a decent sub-weapon when no other alternative is available. In the rematch, just use Paper Cut.


  • "..."
  • "It's my fault. I was unable to protect my Master."
  • "Forgive me. I cannot defeat..."


  • Guard Man knows who the killer bot was, but was unable to defeat it. His weakness is Flat Man's weapon. Therefore, Guard Man indirectly states that Flat Man was the killer bot, but Mega Man at that time didn't knew who Flat Man was.

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