Hardman NGX (also known as Ken Johnston (Human name), Juggernaut, The Invinsible, Destroyer, and the Champion) is one of the main antagonist in the Megaman NGX Series. He often proclaims himself a champion and challenges random people to battle him to prove that he is stronger, which he is in most case. The Galactic Alliance label him as a Upper B Rank fighter, due to his strength and put a bounty of 500,000,000 Zenny ($50,000,000,000)



Hardman is brutish and ogre-like, though is also very loud and overbearing. He seems to be overconfident, as he climbed buildings and challenged random people in any city he is in, proclaiming himself as the Champion, this happens in both his robot and human form. He also appears to have an intense love of combat, wanting to test his skills out on anyone he finds. He especially enjoys strong opponents, as shown when he found out that Megaman was fighting at the Roman Colosseum.

He has a much more serious nature and intelligent than many people originally believed (they all thought he was all muscle and no brains), as he scolded Clownman for laughing when they lost Megaman in a chase. Although he seem quite laid-back when meeting Megaman in the Roman Colosseum hallways and letting Bass talk to him.


Abilities and Powers

Hardman possesses incredible physical strength, showcased when he ripped an entire hotel off its foundation with one hand and threw it at Megaman across a great distance while jumping high to reach his target. He managed to defeat every challenger he fought in his hometown with ease and won the A Block of the Roman Colosseum battle royale "within seconds" all without getting so much as a scratch on him, both events happen in his human form.

He possesses incredible endurance as demonstrated when he took a direct hit from a newly developed Sonic Cannon of the US Army but not suffering any damage. Despite his large size and thick armor Hardman can move incredibly fast. It later turns out his armor is made of space mithril, light as a feather, but stronger than diamond.

Weapons and Technology

As Hardman mainly relies on his fists the main choice of weapons he use are his two large knuckle dusters. His however are armed with spikes making them lethal. He also use a large sledgehammer and a large double bladed axe when fighting an armed opponent.



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