Harpy Woman

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Harpy Woman Sprite 1

Harpy Woman is a Robot Master with many of the same attributes as a bird. Her weapon is Egg Bomb.


She was originally created for scientific research and meteorology. When she's not doing weather reports, she does DNA tests for biologists. She only works with avian creatures. She can also get a birds-eye view of Monstropolis to find developing storms and test the humidity.


Harpy Woman leaps up into the clouds as soon as the battle starts. She flies above your head, invisible. She then fires off 5 waves of 3 feathers that move in an erratic pattern. Afterwards she touches down. Make sure you've laid down an oil slick to catch her off-guard, and she'll slip. You can then slide across the oil to hit her. If you don't do that, she'll blast a Pipi egg onto the ground, breaking it open and the baby Pipis fly at you. If they miss she takes off again and repeats the pattern. If you take damage she'll stay on the ground.


  • She is Phen01's favorite robot master of the bunch.
  • She works in tandem with Tornado Man.
  • She can be very shy and introvertial.

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