Hex Man

No passing here.
Vital statistics
Title DWN-081
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction None
Health 28
Level Medium
Status Alive
Location Pathway
Hex Man is one of Dr. Albert Wily's many Robot Masters. He is made of wood like Wood Man, due to him beign a heavy modification of Wood Man's design. His weapon is the Hex Block. It produces a tough shield made out of logs. He is weak to the Melt Toss, due to it burning him up.


Hex Man's head is hexagonal from a bird eye, but otherwise it is not. He is almost completely brown-colored. He has only one eye and no mouth. His eye is similar to the Yellow Devil's, but he has a green iris instead of a red one. His neck and torso are fusionned into one part. Below it's neck-torso, there is an hexagonal-shapen piece from a bird eye with six legs forming an hexagon sticking out of it.


He starts the battle by using the Hex Block. He then leaps at you three time before throwing each of the shield's hexes at you. They bounce off the ground and do a lot of damages. They need to be shot down with a weapon. The cycles repeats.


Hex Man was made to block the access to Wily Castle.

"No passing here."

  • Good Point: Protective
  • Bad Point: Bully
  • Likes: Hexes
  • Dislike: Termites

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