Horn Man
Horn Man
"Get over here!"
Vital statistics
Title DGN-004
Gender Male-Programming
Race Robot Master
Faction Anura Unit (Primary)
Dr. Grenouille (Secondary)
Health 28
Level Unspecified
Status Decommissionable
Location Texas

Dr. Grenouille's fourth robot master Horn Man was based on the theme of a horned toad. Originally designed at the behest of the already forming Anura UnitFrog Man, Toad Man and Poison Man — Horn Man was intended to complement the other members' abilities. He was given a stealth focus and programmed for ninjutsu. His various spines covering his body are in actuality kunai. He is also armed with a pair of high-pressure blood beams alongside his head.

Horn Man is an agile machine and is an expert leaper and jumper. He will often dash around his arena, curling into a ball and firing spines or throwing them while attached to a wall. His blood beams are quite fast-firing, though that is not to say that they are rapid-fire; they simply fire at a quick velocity, making it difficult for his enemies to dodge.

Anura Unit Lineup

Horn Man alongside the rest of the Anura Unit.

He was eventually decommissioned by Mega Man along with the rest of the Anura Unit.


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