Image on the left....
"Ch ch ch, ha ha ha....."
Vital statistics
Title The Cyber World Terror
Gender Male
Race NetNavi
Faction Jason Voorhees (Net OP)
Health N/A
Level N/A
Status Active
Location With Jason


HorrorMan.EXE is a corrupted NetNavi based off his current Net Operator, Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th. He was originally created by Jessica Kimble and often credietd as one of the original NetNavis before several glitches occurred that turned him into a cyber serial killer. Like his human counterpart, he is a demented serial killer, near invinisble, and his main weapon is a Cyber Machete (though he occasionally wields two).


In the year 2003, Jason Voorhees was defeated seemingly for good by his niece, Jessica Kimble, and new technology had already began to florish in the form of NetNavis. Jessica decided to create one of her own in the form of Jason, naming him "HorrorMan". Her intention with HorrorMan was to make him the kind of Navi that she wishes Jason would have been, rather than the evil serial killer he ended up being.

After about 3 months of his existance, HorrorMan was put into Navi battles and be on a constant winning streak, acting very aggressive and ruthless in battles. He would soon begin showing signs of dark and murderous intent, copying the actions of Jason in the cyber world. Jessica and her then-fiance Steven Freeman would soon learn all of this was caused by several glitches in her PET and HorrorMan's system. When they attempted to fix these problems, however, it was far too late...

HorrorMan would break the bonds of the Kimbles and go on his own, deleting other Navis and programs with his Battle Chips he was able to access at free will. After 6 months of masssacres, Jason Voorhees returned from the dead and using special new Telepathic powers, was able to control HorrorMan through his PET.

After this, Jason and HorrorMan began working as a team, killing several Navis and humans, often pairs of teh same. They were last rumored to be approaching ACDC Town and the cyber ACDC Area, looking to slaughter the mass population of even such a small town...


Like all NetNavis, HorrorMan has many weapons from his arms such as busters, swords, and other artillary mainly used from Battle Chips, though he much more prefers his Cyber Machetes. While most NetNavis are unable to do much without their human Net OP, HorrorMan is able to operate freely even without someone operating his PET. Like his current Net OP, Jason, HorrorMan is very dangerous and near invincible, almost to the point that not even Bass is able to defeat him.

HorrorMan and Jason often use their machete weapons to kill their victims, but do use other ways to eliminate them. They are almost mostly mute and rarely speak. Instead, they use telepathy to speak communicate with one another and sometimes their targets. They also show very small sympathy to their victims as well.

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