Hot Woman

You know it's getting hot in here.
Vital statistics
Title Self-explanatory,
Gender Female
Race Robot Master
Faction None
Health 28
Level Hard
Status Unknown
Location Somewhere in India

Hot Woman is a Robot Master boss from Mega Man Century.


Issac Rossum actually forgot why he built Hot Woman. Probably includes cold temperatures and dancing...

Good Point: Attractive

Bad Point: Uncontrollable

Like: Dancing

Dislike: Rain


She has the appearance of a belly dancer and is a fire-themed RM. Her dances build up temperature, so he's pretty much a moving heater. Her weapon is "Fire Dance", which is effectively a fire shield, but instead of the typical shield animation, Fire Dance is a twister of fire aroud the user. Flame Man has a huge robot crush on Hot Woman.


She tends to start using Fire Dance immediately, then jumping around. She tends to avoid Mega Man, but she is vulnerable when she isn't using Fire Dance.


  • "Want to dance with me?"
  • "Let's make this interesting."
  • "Rossum is dead? Really? Did you tell Glacier this?"


  • Hot Woman is one of the few Robot Masters that are completely unaware of Rossum's death.
  • Hot Woman makes a referrence to another Robot Master in the game, Glacier Man. This occurs whether or not Glacier Man is defeated.
  • Hot Woman and Stun Woman seem to be rivals, as both are considered attractive by humans and Robot Masters, respectively.

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