HotshotMan.EXE is one of the Dark Dream Navis crafted by FullShadow.EXE. A racer NetNavi, like TurboMan.EXE. He always challenges other NetNavis for a race.


His task was to race MegaMan.EXE in the NT Gran Prix. He attacked the other racers by ramming their cars in car mode. But MegaMan.EXE defeated him by using his Mega Buster and deleted him in car mode. HotshotMan can shoot fire from his fingers. He can also turn into a car for no reason.


Fire Shot:

Shoots two plumes of fire from his fingertips.

Speed Charge:

Turns into car mode and rams the player.

Racer Help:

Summons a Racer Navi (90/HP) to fight alongside him. The Racer Navi will use a blaster or sword attack. You must first defeat the Racer Navi first, then attack him.

Oil Slick:

Puts his hands up in the air, then he shoots out oil that rains on the oponent.

Flame Shot:

Charges up his hands for 15 minutes, then shoots a powerful plume of fire.

Heat Shockwave:

Charges up his body, then sends a massive shockwave of fire.

Giga Fire Shot:

This is Hotshotman.EXE's most dangerous attack. He charges up a large ball of fire, then throws it down at the opponent. Causing heavy damage.

Hotshotman.EXE is a Fire-type NetNavi.

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