The Hunter Base (ハンターベース Hantā Bēsu?) is the headquarters of the Maverick Hunters organization, founded by Dr. Cain to counter the rising Maverick revolts. In The Day of Sigma it is located in Abel City. In Mega Man X2 it appears briefly during X's conversations with Dr. Cain. In Mega Man X3 it is located in Dopple Town and is attacked by Dr. Doppler's forces in the beginning of the game, being the Opening Stage. It is later revisited for cutscenes. From Mega Man X4 to X6 it appears as the stage select screen. In Mega Man X5 Dynamo attacks the base, and the battle against him also takes place inside it. Mega Man X7 features the base during most of its cutscenes, and Mega Man X8 has it as the stage select screen just like its PlayStation predecessors. In that game it also appears at the R&D Lab option menu, as well as during Sigma's reveal cutscene.


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