Ignite Man is one of the eight Robot Masters summoned by Maximillian V. He appears as an silver armored knight . His hands and head are on fire. His eyes are white.

He can control fire and shoot fire from his hand and can make anything boil so much. He can use his weapon, the Fire Sword to burn his opponents.

Ignite Man was originally built for volcano exploration, however his right hand was burned by lava and he would never explore again.

He will be one of the eight Robot Masters on the stage select in the middle of Unagi Man and Blackjack Man  and on top of Flora Woman.

Ignite Man's first form is easy, you have to use the Eel Shock on him, hit him five times with it. He can also summon visions of Grenade Man, Turbo Man, Wind Man, and Napalm Man.

At low hp, He will summon a giant meteor and it will fall that can be dodged by sliding. Then use the Eel Shock three times and he is down.

The fight against him resembles Phoenix Magnion from Mega Man Zero 4, especially when he summons the visions. His design is also similar to Sword Man and Knight Man except wielding an actual sword. He also has the same voice and voice actor as, and resembles the character Ignitor from Skylanders.

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