Jerry Arkman
アルコマン ジェリー {{{romanji}}}
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBrown
BirthplaceLas Vegas
RelativesArkman Gary (twin brother), Polly (mother, deceased), Kolly (father)
First AppearanceMovie
Alter EgoGemini Man
Theme ColorSky Blue
Main WeaponGemini Laser


Deceased Mother

When Jerry and Gary are younger, their mother, Arkman Polly, died by pnemounia, because she smokes some cigarettes too much. Later, she was rushed to the hospital, and the surgeon tells Arkman Kolly about her lungs and heart, thinking that she is unhealthy.


Jerry is more mature than Gary, yet, he was uncapable of Gary's relationship of being "gay".

Gemini Man

Gemini Man (Pop'n Music Form)
Gemini Man is the alter ego of Jerry.

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