Jet Stingray
Jet Stingray in Mega Man X4
Aqua Destroyer
"I'm impressed that you found me... But your search is over. Get ready X!"
―Jet Stingray, [Mega Man X4]

Jet Stingray, known as Jet Stingren (ジェット・スティングレン?) in Japan, is a stingray-based member of the Repliforce, who were labeled Maverick because of their desire for independence. Dedicated to his military career, he worked his way up the ranks to become a member of the Repliforce's navy. He had great respect for both General and Colonel, when General announced his move for Reploid independence there were no question to where his loyalties lie. When the coup began, as a diversion he attacked a city's underground power station creating chaos to draw in the Maverick Hunters. He operates Marina base (Marine base of Repliforce) and encountered the second time at the Final weapon taking his revenge.


First encounter outside

Jet stingray will be encountered outside Marine base after the inner, flying upwards the player launching little manta rays that will be:

Blue: Little mantas that will hover quickly on the ground

and Red: Manta rays that will Climb wals and hover on ground too.

The mantas can be destroie whit just a ground attack.If taken 8 hits whit the adion ride chaser, he will slowly go to ground until he reaches a half water-filled area where the battle starts.

Battle at Marina Base

In battle Stingray shall be no rpoblem cause his move pattern is easy to deflect and if the player uses a ice weapon, Stingray will be temporary freezed, break ice and contiune so until his HP Is 0.

Last battle at Final weapon

At final weapon, Stingray will have 52 HP Instead of 48, and posses new much-damage taking attacks that are still unspecified.


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