KomusoMan.EXE is one of the Dark Dream Navis crafted by solo-navi FullShadow.EXE. A master of ancient magic, he follows orders from his 'commander', which he dared not tell the name of.

Like all Dark Dream Navis, his task was to corrupt areas of the net and make them part of FullShadow's influence. In-game, he disguises himself as a salesman of Dark Chips deep within the downtown of Cyber City's own Undernet.

He was eventually discovered by Lan Hikari and Rockman.EXE when he accidentally sold a chip that could not have been made by mere craft alone. Enraged by his mistake, he ripped the shop into two and engaged Rockman.


  • Dopplegang-R

Assumes the form of a boss enemy the player has fought. The form is supposedly found directly from the player's memory. He copies the abilities, though has trouble with the form of the Navi he collects.

  • Thunder-N-Lightning

Three panels on the opponent's side glow with electricity. After some seconds, those panels are hit by thunder, cracking those panels and knocking the opponent to the next available space.

  • Perfect-BalanS

Slowly restores HP when not making attacks. In the refights, he trades the regeneration for invincibility when still.

  • Bold-MOUV

Taunts the opponent to attack. When the opponent does so, he evades immediately and follows up with the below attack "But-Not-S-Bold".

  • But-Not-S-Bold

Creates a meteor that hits everywhere except for the four corners. This is KomusoMan's most powerful attack, and can inflict an HP bug.

  • Switch-R-U

Randomly shuffles the player's battle chips with some of the other ones, swapping thier order. A variation of the attack puts one of the battle chips back in reserve.


  • "Your spirit does not connect with your body. You are weak compared to other Navis. These make stronger Navi."
  • "Hm? You say that the DARKAURA chip is the absolutely unacceptable-type? Nonsense."

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