Liquid Man

This is for my bretheren!
Vital statistics
Title Master of the Devils,
Gender Male
Race Robot Master/Devil series
Faction Light Bots, Wily Bots, unknown
Health 28
Level Hard
Status Alive
Location Light Simulator: Factory

Liquid Man is a Robot Master boss from Mega Man Century 2.


Liquid Man is built by multiple scientists in an effort to replicate Dr. Wily's Devil series. Eventually, after many trials, one works. The scientists dub him "Liquid Man".

There is one flaw, though. As Wily made the Devil series, he has some sort of control over them and even though Liquid Man has yet to do anything evil (as Wily is inexplicably absent during this game), he becomes loyal to Wily.

Good Point: Powerful

Bad Point: Unreliable

Like: Anything sphereical

Dislike: Lightning


Scientists tried to emulate Wily's Devil series and produced a replica called Liquid Man. What the scientists don't know is that because Wily made the Devil series, he has a sort of control over them, including Liquid Man.

Unlike the devil series, Liquid Man is capable of things other RMs can do, like speech. Also, Liquid Man doesn't want to destroy stuff, although by nature still loyal to Wily.

Like the Devil series, he attacks by splitting his body into spheres and move around to reform. His weapon is Liquid Sphere, which launches a sphere of the substance Liquid Man is made of. For unexplained reasons, it's the only long-ranged move that isn't affected by Empty Man's weapon.

Liquid Man himself can only be hit with Push Man and Beam Man's weapon. The Repel Magnet can hit Liquid Man while in sphere form without hurting the user and Laser Beam is the primary weakness.


Liquid Man fights just like any of the Devil series, but he's shorter. Since he can only be hit with the Laser Beam and Repel Magnet, he can not be the first RM to be faught. In fact, if the player finishes his stage without getting either weapon, Liquid Man will not appear and the stage ends. Luckily, the game will save you right before his room if you choose to enter again.

Use Laser Beam when he is whole (and aim at the eyes). Use Repel Magnet for when he is moving as spheres.


  • "I am unstoppable!"
  • "You are weak."
  • "This always happens..."


  • As part of the Devil series, Liquid Man is the only one of his kind to have two eyes.

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