"The Godsss favor ussss. We will win the war!„

The Greek-and-Rome-to-conquer wanting Lizard Mens
"The Godsss favor ussss. We will win the war!"
Vital statistics
Title Lizard Tridenters
Gender Male
Race Lizard
Faction Neutral (Want to take over Greece)
Health High
Level {{{level}}}
Status Alive
Location {{{location}}}

Lizard mens are recurring major enemies in Megaman X:Greek-o-Roman Adventure.


The lizard men are as the name says men whit head and color of a lizard.They come in green and red always striking whit a trident.They were peacefull before discovered the war beetwen the Greeks and romans.They become mad after the idea they can conquer the Greece and Rome.The hunters had to defeat them.



The most common version of Lizard mens.They are slow but can jab the player whit a trident and stun the player
Green lizard man
whit their tongues.


They are the same lizard men but they are red and have a different head.They have the same attacks but they are
Red lizard man
faster and repeat them more.


The yellow ones are fortified and have three times the power of a red one.They come whit greish-tridents.


The orange ones are really strong and come whit tridents that have more longer edges.


The purple ones can make themselve invisible for a short period of time.They come whit grey tridents.


The lizard mens only use Trident.

Boss Lizard men

Lizard warrior

Its a warrior-like lizard men that has only a longer trident.

Lizard emperor

As the name says, they are lizard leaders that always come whit greish tridents.

Lizard King

This is the ultimate Lizard men that leads all the lizard mens.They have all the abilities and powers of the previous lizard mens.He has a Golden, big trident that has a Big gem on it.


"The Godsss favor ussss. We will win the war!„

"Ha fool, why do you think we are fighting?All the Greece and Rome will bow to the Mighty Lizard men!„

"Fighting years against Greeksss and romansss that are weak but Robotsss?!„

"Holy Zeus He got an Trident!„

"Our king will punisssh the non-believerssss!„


"Hey,King, Rise an army of undead so they may kill this non-believer!„

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