The Lord C regal auditorium is an Infected Zone from Megaman X:World of X. Once a beautifull auditorium belonging to Lord C but fuse Gummed the whole auditorium into an infected zone.Now, fusion monsters are here patroling the zone.Much musical instruments are floating and platforms whit musical marks help the player to get over or across infected pathes or big pits.The auditorium can be seen from outer.In the front of the auditorium, are several humans who are waiting to enter the auditorium (as however they dont know the whole place is gummed up in fusion matter).

In the auditorium there are several fusion lairs, most of them correspond to the missions of Iris and Lord C.

Fusion Lairs

  • Fusion Lord C`s Lair
  • Fusion Lou Gubrious` Lair
  • Fusion Brawlacus` lair
  • Fusion Dr, Fauna`s lair
  • Fusion Edd`s lair

A part of the auditorium.

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