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Lucian Summers

Lucian is one of the cameo bosses found in Mega Man EN. He can be found in a miniature version of Wave Man's level after accessing a hidden teleporter in Subzero Man's stage. Lucian uses water-based attacks, one of which is similar to Wave Man's Water Wave. (but how Mega Man uses it) Lucian is also a Pokemon-based character, or Pokemorphs, as they are called in the furry community; based on Lugia, a Pokemon believed to be the guardian of the ocean and the poster character of Pokemon Silver, as well as it's remake, Pokemon Soul Silver.


  • Lucian's eyes are the exact same shape as Tornado Man's.
  • In other various art of Lucian, he dons a Mega Man sprite on his T-shirt. However, in his game art, it was removed.

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