”Itsa time to halt yer Fuwa!„

Lumagrowl (Lumareeg)
”its Time To Halt you Fuwa!„
The Phrase of Lumagrowl
Vital statistics
Title The evolved crazy
Gender Male
Race Evolved/Robot
Faction Evil
Health 70 Hits
Level The elevator
Status Alive
Location Old-Presidential

Lumagrowl or Lumareeg is the evolved form of Schyther.

After months of modifies, Lord C finally managed to create the first evolved robot that can use more robot souls and more utillity parts like arms.A long time, guarder of the orbital elevator that leads to the space area where the robots are created and repaired, Lumagrowl learned how to defend it without needing any support.Lumagrowl is encountered three times, the first encounter at the Elevator, the second at the end of the first part of space area and the third, when getting out of the space area.Lumagrowl has long legs and eight arms that makes him can move and balance faster and attack more stronger than his old version, Schyther. He one of the Evil Mavericks Teams. He after X's Soul.

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  • Halt usually means stop in german.
  • Fuwa means in brasilian women but for him fuwa would bean an insult.


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