Lunar Man

Hey, I'm only a lunatic by name!
Vital statistics
Title The Satellite,
Gender Male
Race Robot Masters
Faction Unknown Evil
Health 28
Level Medium
Status Destroyed
Location Tournament Simulator: Moon

Lunar Man is a boss from Mega Man Century 3.


Lunar Man is among the finalists involved with the Robot Tournament and somehow was turned evil. No one knows why they and 5 other Robot Masters in Mega Man's senario turned evil.

Lunar's original purpose is meant to simulate the moon and its effects on Earth. Once the creators realize he has a weapon, they enlist him in the Robot Tournament.


A crescent-shaped RM supposedly based on the moon. He floats around and rolls for attacking. The weapon is Crescent Cutter (Purple/Yellow), in which some purple energy attacks from a short distance in the shape of a crescent.


Lunar Man flies a bit, but only fires his weapon when at an edge. It's hard to tell if the weapon will curve from the bottom or from the top, but it isn't hard to dodge. It does take a while to beat this boss, however.



  • The design of Lunar Man closely resembles the Pokemon Lunatone.

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