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MH Botanical District (Maverick Hunter Botanical District) is the second training stage from MMXWOX.

The District is a part of the Maverick hunter base, the most botanical part of it. The zone appears as a jungle with three huge towers and the two halves of the zone, mainly being islands, are being split by a river that has the three towers.

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This zone seizes only level 2 monsters, as the player has the same level here. Here, Zero gives you all types of weapons except a rifle; that is the first weapon you get in the game, and you get it in the first training stage from Zero however the player has only three vehicles here. The tower from the middle of the river is where Zero and his Fusion alter-ego portal reside.

Fusion lairs and warpers

  • Fusion X`s lair
  • Fusion Zero`s Lair
  • Fusion Axl`s lair
  • Graduation palace

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