„They can wait forever, For they know they will not die alone„-Lord C

Matyrs (Metogans/Metagans in japanese) are major antagonists an a race of alien/mechanicals with incredible mind and power that appeared in Megaman X:Matyr Warfare and appeared in some episodes of Megaman X:Right Back at you. Their leader and corrupter is Lord C.

Known Matyrs

  • Zenthon: (Major leader/Strategist) A powerful eagle-like matyr that first evolved.

    Zenthon Titan fighting Veaxeon due to their masculine „Dont get along„ habits.

  • Deezal: A full cannon equipped matyr ready to fight.
  • Braxion: Not the kind of bug to take home in a jar.
  • Venexus/Venexius: A powerful matyr that can slice through everything and everyone.
  • Bolcanon: (Mutant, Furious gladiator) Betrayed by Zenthon, he just wants to take revenge on X.
  • Razenon: Similar to Razen and Razenonid but these three are brothers and Razenon is their boss.
  • Veaxeon: A powerful matyr that did not get along whit Zenthon.

Matyr Ranks

  • Leader SMG: The highest rank.The only Leader SMGs are Lord C and Zenthon (and titan too).
  • Ilussiontrick: Another rank that is declared for being very kun and illusionist. The illusiontrick is Bolcanon.
  • Vexos: A lower rank declared for incredible mind and supersonic speed.
  • Artlerry: A super armed rank declared for. The Artlerry is Deezal.
  • Query: A lower rank. The only Query are Braxion and Venexus.
  • Razes: The lowest matyr rank. The only Razes are the army.

Minor Matyrs/Army

*Bolcan: A matyr covered with bumpers that can roll himself.

  • Razen: An ant matyr capable of shooting thousands of lasers.
  • Hammermor: The mighty matyr spikeball brothers return in couple for mass-destruction.
  • Bomaploode: A bombardier matyr that is a bit weak.
  • Slingshammer: Same as Bomaploode but with a mighty hugehammer.
  • Arnoloid: An anteater-like matyr capable of sucking health of the player.
  • Razenonoid: Similar to Razen but more powerful.
  • BiLash: A chemic matyr that is advised to avoid more than attack.
  • Acropolem: A golem-like matyr capable to reflect attacks.
  • Garinoid: Don't say that I did not warn you; you will lose in a battle with this mighty Matyr.

Evolutions/Evolved stages

Evolutions:Are more powerful stages of previous Matyrs. The evolutions in matyr mode are acquired after a substitue under ergo or sub ergo. After enough powerful matyr forced his circuits enough, his circuits and mentality change.

Substitue:Enough powerful

UnderErgo:A weaker Matyr

SubErgo:A enough powerful matyr or a more stronger than needed.

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