Mega Man ZETA is a Neo Reploid and the main protagonist of Mega Man: Project ZETA .

Mega Man ZETA
Concept of Mega Man ZETA
Vital statistics
Title Legacy of Light
Gender Male
Race Neo Reploid
Faction Maverick Hunters
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Level {{{level}}}
Status Alive
Location Hikari Labs


Mega Man ZETA is a Neo Reploid who was built by Dr. Lance Light and designed by an anonymous scientist. He was built along with Proto Man OMEGA to fight off against Mavericks, however, his brother was corrupted before ZETA was finished. His intial design was based off of the Classic Mega Man and X and designed to have all of their abilities, and was considered the Legacy of Light.

Appearance and Design

Mega Man ZETA is given the appearance of a teenage boy, with thick, brown hair, white skin, and green eyes. He is lanky in design, with exceptions of his lower arms, legs and feet, and his armor appeas to show differet attributes from the orginal Mega Men, with the same legs, feet, torso and hands as X, his buster arms look like a fusion of the X-Buster and the Mega Buster, with the same barrel as the X-Buster, and has a fuel/charge gage that is yellow and on the side of the ZETA Buster (the weapon of ZETA) like that of the Mega Buster. He is Blue and Dark Blue, with a black body suit under the armor, unlike X and Classic Mega Man who have Sky Blue body suits.


  • The ZETA Buster: A curious buser that was designed after the Mega and X Buster models. It can charge shots, rapid fire, copy enemy powers, but can also copy the weapon of an enemy and not just their power alone, unlike the previous models.


  • Wall Jumping: Like Mega Man X, he can jump on walls and slide down on them, and can accend by jumping upward and onto a higher part of the wall.
  • Dashing: He can use the rocket busters installed in his feet to "dash", and dash across flat surfaces and slopes.
  • Charged Shots: ZETA can charge his ZETA Buster and fire a huge blast of blue energy shaped as a ball.
  • Rapid Fire: ZETA can rapidly fire a barrage of small, yellow spheres at his enemies, smilar to that of a machine gun.
  • Ability Copy: The iconic ability of copying powers is one of ZETA's notable abilities. After defeating an enemy, he can permenatly copy their ability and use them in battle.
  • Weapon Copy: Unlike the other Mega Men, ZETA can also copy the weapons of his fallen foes and use them in battle as well.

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