MegaLion 2 is a hack of Mega Man 5 made by KelvinTheLion, made to be a sequel to the first one.



  • Jer the Robot (AKA ColorPencilFun) actually made his own concept for a MegaLion 2 when the second one was still waiting to be announced. However, it was ignored. Most of Jer's concepts were later used however in MegaLion 3 by Lucian Summers, the creator of Mega Man EN.
  • MegaLion 2 notably suffers from mostly being considered unfinished. While the game itself is complete, it has less changes from the first one. MegaLion had palette-swaps, changed weapon names, and most sprites were changed. MegaLion 2 however, has only two noticeably different level changes, and most weapons keep their graphics; not to mention the Power Stone is not re-named like the other weapons.