Megalion is belongs to Kelvin,not to me.

Megalion X is a fangame.This game starts two years after the Megalion IV.


  • Solar Racoon
    • Stage: Geological Lab
    • Weapon: Solar Crux
    • Weakness: Salt Breezer
  • Ninja 'Dillo
    • Stage: Ruins of Sewers
    • Weapon: Dillo Blade
    • Weakness: Sledge Ring
  • Goldring Chick
    • Stage: Galactic Simulator
    • Weapon: Sledge Ring
    • Weakness: Homing Rocket
  • Commando Ant
    • Stage: Desert Base
    • Weapon: Homing Rocket
    • Weakness: Solar Crux
  • Breeze Echidna
    • Stage: Water City
    • Weapon: Salt Breezer
    • Weakness: Dillo Blade
  • Rush Hyrax
    • Stage: Crystal Mine
    • Weapon: Break Dash
    • Weakness: Ivy Wave
  • Dance Squid
    • Stage: Physics Facility
    • Weapon: Spin Flasher
    • Weakness: Break Dash
  • Timid Ivybird
    • Stage: Flower Area
    • Weapon: Ivy Wave
    • Weakness: Spin Flasher

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