This is the plot of Megaman: Mission Justice. Check the main page of the project jere. Check the script here.


It's a long story. It's the year 22xx. The world was living an intense war. During the era prior to the end of the conflict, the EM Wave technology was able to connect the world. Well, not anymore. There was Geo, who fought on the front line for his friends and his kind in what we know as the "Great EM War". But the war's result was nothing but the disruption of the EM technology, an event called (and "printed" by the "System") as the "Great EM Disruption". Of all the people involved, five of them were injured, and therefore they were put in cryogenic chambers for their safety. These people are known as Geo Stelar and his four friends.

Waking Up

Year 23xx. Nearly 130 years has passed since Geo and Co. were sealed away for security. Now, a new network technology stands where the EM Wave technology once stood. It's called the M.E.G.A. System. Geo's capsule is the first to disengage out of five capsules. Geo then awakens and steps out of his capsule, surprised by the fact he awakens in a lab. Then he finds the other capsules next to him and, to his surprise, he notices they are still asleep. Then a misterious, young and blonde woman comes into the lab, noticing Geo has awoken. Upon Geo's request, the woman (in a white coat and a skirt) introduces herself as Gladys Sebert, also stating that she watched over the capsules for the last 15 years. Geo askes "have they awoken?", just to find out, thanks to Gladys's answer, that they haven't, because they are locked. Gladys also clears Geo's doubt about having to use a code to unlock them. Geo is then given the SealCode from Gladys, to unlock all four capsules. Geo thanks Gladys before she leaves, and then finds a PC, which he presumes it controls all four capsules. He is right, because the SealSys is one of the main systems that run on this computer. When asked to input the SealCode, Geo tries with "12080616", which results to be the correct code, unlocking the SealSys disengaging process. Then Geo is asked to "press any key" to disengage the system, and Geo does so. The disengaging process is then finished, opening the four remaining capsules.

Geo's friends begin to emerge from out the capsules, soon before wandering where they are. Geo answers, "We're in a lab". As soon as they step out, they begin questioning the fact that something strange happened.

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