The female robot characters are introduced differently, due by attention. Their names are different;for example, Sync Girl differs from Time Man and Curl Girl differs from Snake Man. The Number:Galaxy Warrior (GW)


No. Character Galaxy Warrior Ego Element Team
X1/GWN 001 Litling Miyako Mega Girl Nature Alpha
X2 Litling Rolf Roll Man Unknown Alpha
X3/GWN 016 Litling Cloe Proto Girl Nature/Force Beta
DLN 001/GWN 012 Pilala Cut Girl Typhoon Alpha

DLN 002/GWN 042

Seiji Yamako Smash Girl Force/Caliber Cena
DLN 003/GWN 008 Fuyuna Cammy Snow Girl Ice Alpha
DLN 004/GWN 032 Moni Levantine Bomb Girl Caliber/Fire Cena
DLN 005/GWN 009 Beni Torch Girl Fire Alpha
DLN 006/GWN 004 Judy Elec Girl Lightning Alpha
DLN 007/ GWN 024 Ueda Takaba Sync Girl Caliber/Nature Beta
DLN 008/GWN 014 Donna Flow Girl Air Alpha


No. Character Galaxy Warrior Ego Element Team
DZN 009/GWN 023 Saiko Perez Metal Girl Steel/Force Beta
DZN 010/ GWN 043 Obi Blow Girl Wind/Air Cena
DZN 011/GWN 049 Kurumino Mizuko Bubble Girl Water/Wind Delta
DZN 012/ GWN 021 Yululu Quick Girl Caliber/Light Beta
DZN 013/ GWN 005 Akita Purin Crash Girl Caliber Alpha
DZN 014/ GWN 018 San Paulo Youko Flash Girl Light/Force Beta
DZN 015/GWN 028 Lalela Blaze Girl Fire/Typhoon Beta
DZN 016/GWN 035 Fulula Wood Girl Leaf/Nature Cena

Dr. Wicile's Robot Masters

No. Character Element
DWN 001 Fortalia
DWN 002 Enkella
DWN 003 Punkette
DWN 004 Balladia
DWN 005 Crusader Girl
DWN 006 Thorn Girl
DWN 007 Ivy Man
DWN 008 Storm Girl


No. Character Galaxy Warrior Ego Element Team
DAN 017/GWN 047 Phit Needle Girl Steel/Force Delta
DAN 018/GWN 013 Li-Na Magnet Girl Steel Alpha
DAN 019/GWN 015 Nilla Gemini Girl Beam Alpha
DAN 020/GWN 048 Kamakari Suzuko Hard Girl Steal/Caliber Delta
DAN 021/GWN 008 Hazuko Tsubasa Top Girl Leaf Alpha
DAN 022/GWN 003 Kachori Curl Girl Force Alpha
DAN 023/GWN 027 Valila Blushtine Spark Girl Lightning/Air Beta
DAN 024/GWN 011 Taiyobomi Sayaka Shuriken Girl Thunder Alpha


No. Character Galaxy Warrior Ego Element Team
DCN 025/GWN 037 Rilola Bright Girl Light/Lightning Cena
DCN 026/GWN 045 Popichy Frog Girl Water/Leaf Cena
DCN 027/GWN 038 Magli Gatin Drill Girl Force/Steel Cena
DCN 028/GWN 020 Kika Pharaoh Girl Caliber/Leaf Beta
DCN 029/GWN 025 Bisko Ring Girl Steel/WInd Beta
DCN 030/GWN 039 Rally Dust Girl Nature/Leaf Cena
DCN 031/GWN 010 Ageha Dive Girl Water Alpha
DCN 032/GWN 017 Adrelaine Hone Girl Caliber/Wind Beta


No. Character Galaxy Warrior Ego Element Team
Darlene Gravity Girl Force/Beam
Oceanitha Wave Girl Water/Air
Gaze Stone Girl Thunder/Force
Sophie Breeze Girl Wind
Leila Star Girl Light
Tekura Charge Girl Caliber/Steel
Aurora Missle Girl Steel/Beam
Tsukiko Crystal Girl Beam/Caliber


No. Character Galaxy Warrior Ego Element Team
Loribelle Blizzard Girl Ice/Water
Alithis Centaur Girl Steel/Water
Karli Flame Girl Fire/Force
Lucy Knight Gril Steel/Air
Milila Plant Girl
Kalagala Felihawk Girl
Taoxiang Gleam Girl
Hayuki Yamato Girl


No. Character Galaxy Warrior Ego Element Team
Pipiko Gelato Girl
Lain Lily Girl
Lilla Luna Girl
Namine Cloud Girl Air
Gretchen Gatin Spring Girl
Kakuro Mei Slash Girl
Lamine Lunatic Girl
Chikiba Turbo Girl Caliber


No. Character Galaxy Warrior Ego Element Team
Quela Tengu Girl
Miko Astro Girl
Sesuko Link Girl
Pupa Circus Girl
Becky Gatin Search Girl
Melly Frost Girl Ice
Hyno Grenade Girl
Mandy Sprinkler Aqua Girl Water


No. Character Galaxy Warrior Ego Element Team
Marie Metro Girl
Feladie Tornado Girl Wind
Kumoro Splash Man
Drixy Plug Girl Lightning
Medley Jewel Girl
Himiko Honeybee Girl
Blik Lava Girl
Malala UFO Girl


No. Character Galaxy Warrior Element Team
Sheilah Celsus Girl
Milola Sweety Girl
Claudette Flight Girl
Tamayuki Midori Chill Girl
Bao Sheep Girl
Roundette Sttrike Girl
Hanaka Nitro Girl
Ariel Solar Girl Fire

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