Mega Maker is a Mega Man fan game that allows players to create and share their own stages. It was released on July 15, 2017. It includes content from the first six Mega Man games and two new Special Weapons.


The building space is 50 horizontal screens and 20 vertical screens.

Special Weapons

Mega BusterMega Man 1-6
Rolling CutterMega Man
Fire StormMega Man
Thunder BeamMega Man
Metal BladeMega Man 2
Quick BoomerangMega Man 2
Crash BomberMega Man 2
Magnet MissileMega Man 3
Top SpinMega Man 3 (improved)
Search SnakeMega Man 3
Flash StopperMega Man 4
Pharaoh ShotMega Man 4
Skull BarrierMega Man 4 (improved)
Gravity HoldMega Man 5
Star CrashMega Man 5
Charge KickMega Man 5 (improved)
Plant BarrierMega Man 6 (improved)
Silver TomahawkMega Man 6
Wind StormMega Man 6
Rush CoilUtility (Mega Man 3-4)
Rush JetUtility (Mega Man 3-5)
Magnet BeamUtility (Mega Man)

Items and Hazards

  • Life Energy
  • Weapon Energy
  • 1-UP
  • E Tank
  • M Tank
  • Checkpoint
  • Water
  • Appearing Block
  • Count Bomb
  • "Mega Man 9 Warp"
  • ...


MetMega Man
Adhering SuzyMega Man
BlasterMega Man
PickelmanMega Man
ScrewdriverMega Man
Big EyeMega Man
Foot HolderMega Man
Neo MetMega Man 2
Returning Sniper JoeMega Man 2
TellyMega Man 2
ShotmanMega Man 2
BattonMega Man 2
RobbitMega Man 2
Changkey MakerMega Man 2
PeterchyMega Man 3
PottonMega Man 3
Hammer JoeMega Man 3
MechakkeroMega Man 3
Pole's "egg"Mega Man 3
PoleMega Man 3
New ShotmanMega Man 3
Skeleton JoeMega Man 4
TogeheroMega Man 4
Shield AttackerMega Man 4
Super Ball Machine Jr.Mega Man 4
SkullmetMega Man 4
TaketentoMega Man 4
GachapponMega Man 4
Metall K1000Mega Man 5
Crystal JoeMega Man 5
New Shield AttackerMega Man 5
PukapellyMega Man 5
LyricMega Man 5
Kouker QMega Man 5
B BitterMega Man 5
ColtonMega Man 6
Shield Attacker GTRMega Man 6
Fire TellyMega Man 6
Au-AuMega Man 6
Ben KMega Man 6
CannopellerMega Man 6
Twin RoaderMega Man 6


Cut ManMega Man
Bomb ManMega Man
Metal ManMega Man 2
Crash ManMega Man 2
Top ManMega Man 3
Spark ManMega Man 3
Toad ManMega Man 4
Pharaoh ManMega Man 4
Stone ManMega Man 5
Napalm ManMega Man 5
Knight ManMega Man 6
Plant ManMega Man 6
"Heart Part" (no boss)Mega Man
Party Ball (no boss)Mega Man 8, Mega Man Powered Up


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