Mega Man Maker, formerly known as Mega Maker, is a Mega Man fan game that allows players to create and share their own stages. It was released on July 15, 2017 with content from the first six Mega Man games and three new Special Weapons.


The building space is 50 horizontal screens and 20 vertical screens.

Special Weapons

Players can have up to 12 Special Weapons/Utilities. It is possible to set Mega Man to use no weapons (including the Mega Buster) and have duplicates of the same weapon to have more energy. The first weapon in the list (the Mega Buster by default) has infinite energy.

WeaponOriginUses Notes
Mega BusterMega Man 1-684 Charge shots are available by default, but it can be disabled in the stage menu alongside sliding. Players can also decide if the charge shot animation is from Mega Man 4, 5, or 6.
Rolling CutterMega Man28
Ice SlasherMega Man28Included in version 1.1.
Hyper BombMega Man14Improved: Blast range increased. Included in version 1.1.0.
Fire StormMega Man28
Thunder BeamMega Man28
Time SlowMega Man Powered Up7Included in version 1.1.
Oil SliderMega Man Powered Up28Included in version 1.1.
Metal BladeMega Man 2112
Quick BoomerangMega Man 2224
Crash BomberMega Man 27
Atomic FireMega Man 2 Improved: Charged energy is held in front of the user. Included in version 1.1.0.
Needle CannonMega Man 3112Improved: Needles stick to enemies for a while to cause extra damage. Included in version 1.1.0.
Magnet MissileMega Man 314
Hard KnuckleMega Man 314Improved: Fist hits multiple times. Included in version 1.1.0.
Top SpinMega Man 328Improved: Can be used to bounce on enemies
Search SnakeMega Man 356
Flash StopperMega Man 47
Pharaoh ShotMega Man 428:14
Ring BoomerangMega Man 428Included in version 1.1.0.
Dive MissileMega Man 428Included in version 1.1.0.
Skull BarrierMega Man 414Improved: Allows to walk on spikes
Gravity HoldMega Man 57
Star CrashMega Man 514
Charge KickMega Man 528Improved: Can be used in the air
Plant BarrierMega Man 614 Improved: Can absorb projectiles and convert them into life energy
Silver TomahawkMega Man 628
Wind StormMega Man 628 Improved: Tornadoes can be used to perform a high jump
ShineOriginal56 Can reflect projectiles and causes damage on contact.
NadoOriginal6 Mega Man spins faster than Top Spin, having a greater range and allowing him to lift in the air for a while.
Perfect Freeze Original 420
Included in version 1.0.9. Mega Man shoots out a barrage of bullets that stays frozen in the air for a while.
Rush CoilUtility (Mega Man 3-4)14
Rush JetUtility (Mega Man 3-5)Time
Magnet BeamUtility (Mega Man)14


  • Small Life Energy
  • Large Life Energy
  • Small Weapon Energy
  • Large Weapon Energy
  • 1-UP (acts like a full life recovery)
  • E Tank
  • M Tank


CheckpointGeneralThe Mega Man Powered Up checkpoint flag
Appearing BlockGeneral
Count BombGeneralThe timed bomb that first appeared in Mega Man 6.
"Warp"GeneralThe warp from Galaxy Man's stage in Mega Man 9.
Break ContainerGeneral2x2 and 1x2 blocks that can only be destroyed by the defined weapon. Can be made indestructible by selecting an empty weapon slot. Note that changing weapon positions in the weapon menu will also change the weapon from blocks that were set.
Fire BlockMega ManFire block from Fire Man's stage (the version that can't be frozen)
Elec BlockMega ManElectric block from Elec Man's stage
Conveyor BeltMega Man 2The conveyor belt from Metal Man's stage
Force BeamMega Man 2The deadly laser from Quick Man's stage. In Mega Man Maker it was divided in three versions: A red beam that is lethal, an orange beam that causes 7 damage, and a green beam that drains life on contact.
"Up block"Mega Man 3The block that moves up when Mega Man is on it.
"Opening platform"Mega Man 3The red platform that open when Mega Man is on it, dropping him.
"Junk block"Mega Man 4The destructible block from Dust Man's stage.
"Rising platform"Mega Man 4The platform that goes down while Mega Man is standing on it and moves up when he jumps from it.
"Falling block"Mega Man 5The block that falls shortly after Mega Man steps on it.
DaidineMega Man 5The flying scaffolding that moves a set course and falls.
"Spring"Mega Man 6The spring from Plant Man's stage. Hold the jump button for a higher jump.
"Switch lift"Mega Man The platform from Wind Man's stage that will immediately switch its side when Mega Man jumps on it.


MetMega Man1
Octopus Battery
(Adhering Suzy)
Mega Man5Has three colors.
Mega Man1Has three colors.
Mega Man10
Screw Bomber
Mega Man3Has three colors.
Big EyeMega Man20Has three colors.
Mega Man1Has two colors. Included in version 1.1.0.
Crazy RazyMega Man1 (head)
3 (body)
Included in version 1.1.0.
WatcherMega Man Included in version 1.1.0.
Killer Bullet
(Killer Bomb)
Mega Man Has three colors. Included in version 1.1.0.
Killer Bullet SpawnerMega Man - Spawner included in version 1.1.0.
Tackle Fire
Mega Man Included in version 1.1.0.
Flying ShellMega Man Included in version 1.1.0.
Flying Shell SpawnerMega Man - Spawner included in version 1.1.0.
Foot HolderMega Man - Has two colors. Red version is harmless, green version can shot.
Neo MetMega Man 21
Sniper Joe
(Returning Sniper Joe)
Mega Man 210
TellyMega Man 21
Telly Spawner - - A solid block that spawns one Telly enemy at a time.
Crazy Cannon
Mega Man 25Has two colors.
(aka Bubble Bat)
Mega Man 22
(aka Robo-Rabbit)
Mega Man 210
(Changkey Maker)
Mega Man 210
Mega Man 210 Included in version 1.0.9.
PierobotMega Man 2 Included in version 1.1.0.
Mega Man 2 Included in version 1.1.0.
Hot Dog
Mega Man 2 Included in version 1.1.0.
Big FishMega Man 2 Improved graphics, resembling its appearance in Mega Man: The Wily Wars. Included in version 1.1.0.
PeterchyMega Man 33
PottonMega Man 31
Hammer JoeMega Man 38
MechakkeroMega Man 31Has two colors.
Pole EggMega Man 31
PoleMega Man 31
New ShotmanMega Man 33
Petit SnakeyMega Man 3 Included in version 1.1.0.
Skeleton JoeMega Man 43
TogeheroMega Man 41Has three colors.
Shield AttackerMega Man 44
Super Ball Machine Jr.Mega Man 44
SkullmetMega Man 43
TaketentoMega Man 42
GachapponMega Man 412
Train Met
(Metall K1000)
Mega Man 51
Crystal JoeMega Man 53
New Shield AttackerMega Man 54
PukapellyMega Man 52
LyricMega Man 51
Kouker QMega Man 51
B BitterMega Man 52
Power MusclerMega Man 5 Included in version 1.1.0.
ColtonMega Man 66
Shield Attacker GTRMega Man 64
Fire TellyMega Man 62
Au-AuMega Man 65
Ben KMega Man 612
CannopellerMega Man 63
Twin RoaderMega Man 63
Brain BreakMega Man 6 Included in version 1.1.0.


All bosses have 28 HP. Clicking the gear above a set boss allows one to select two weapons to be the boss weakness and one to be immune, and also select the boss music. Boss doors and other goals are grouped with bosses.

Cut ManMega Man
Bomb ManMega Man
Ice ManMega ManIncluded in version 1.1.0.
Time ManMega Man Powered UpIncluded in version 1.1.0.
Metal ManMega Man 2
Crash ManMega Man 2
Top ManMega Man 3
Spark ManMega Man 3
Toad ManMega Man 4
Pharaoh ManMega Man 4
Stone ManMega Man 5
Napalm ManMega Man 5
Knight ManMega Man 6
Plant ManMega Man 6
Energy Element
("Heart Part")
Mega Man Alternate stage clear objective. The stage ends by touching this item.
Party Ball Mega Man 8
Mega Man Powered Up
Alternate stage clear objective. The stage ends by shooting this object.


Stage Music

Cut ManMega Man
Guts ManMega Man
Ice ManMega Man
Bomb ManMega Man
Fire ManMega Man
Elec ManMega Man
Wily Stage 1/2Mega Man
Wily Stage 3/4Mega Man
Time ManMega Man Powered UpChiptuned
Oil ManMega Man Powered UpChiptuned
Intro Stage (PU)Mega Man Powered UpChiptuned. Included in version 1.1.0.
Metal ManMega Man 2
Air ManMega Man 2
Bubble ManMega Man 2
Quick ManMega Man 2
Crash ManMega Man 2
Flash ManMega Man 2
Heat ManMega Man 2
Wood ManMega Man 2
Wily Stage 1/2Mega Man 2
Wily Stage 3/4/5Mega Man 2
Needle ManMega Man 3
Magnet ManMega Man 3
Gemini ManMega Man 3
Hard ManMega Man 3
Top ManMega Man 3
Snake ManMega Man 3
Spark ManMega Man 3
Shadow ManMega Man 3
Wily Stage 1/2Mega Man 3
Wily Stage 3/4Mega Man 3
Wily Stage 5/6Mega Man 3
Bright ManMega Man 4
Toad ManMega Man 4
Drill ManMega Man 4
Pharaoh ManMega Man 4
Ring ManMega Man 4
Dust ManMega Man 4
Dive ManMega Man 4
Skull ManMega Man 4
Cossack Stage 1/2Mega Man 4
Cossack Stage 3/4Mega Man 4
Wily Stage 1/2Mega Man 4
Wily Stage 3/4Mega Man 4
Gravity ManMega Man 5
Wave ManMega Man 5
Gyro ManMega Man 5
Stone ManMega Man 5
Star ManMega Man 5
Charge ManMega Man 5
Napalm ManMega Man 5
Crystal ManMega Man 5
Proto Man's CastleMega Man 5
Wily StagesMega Man 5
Wily Stages (Cirnosis)Original Remixed with Cirno's theme. Included in version 1.0.9 alongside the enemy Kerog and the weapon Perfect Freeze as a homage to "⑨".
Blizzard ManMega Man 6
Centaur ManMega Man 6
Flame ManMega Man 6
Knight ManMega Man 6
Plant ManMega Man 6
Tomahawk ManMega Man 6
Wind ManMega Man 6
Yamato ManMega Man 6
Mr. X StagesMega Man 6
Wily StagesMega Man 6

Boss Music

Robot MasterMega Man
Robot MasterMega Man 2
Robot MasterMega Man 3
Robot MasterMega Man 4
Robot MasterMega Man 5
Robot MasterMega Man 6
Wily BossMega Man
Wily BossMega Man 3
Wily BossMega Man 4
Wily BossMega Man 5
Wily BossMega Man 6



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