This game has the typical 8-bit styling with a sense of humor about it...

Dr. Wily escapes from prison (yet again) and after spending time partying with his fellow mad scientists, he creates a new series of 8 robot masters and prepares to take over the world! As always, Megaman is the only one who can stop him!

Robot Masters Featured:

  • Anvil Man
  • Gust Man
  • Crashed Man
  • Shield Man
  • Spike Man
  • Blast Man
  • Powerball Man
  • Lawnmower Man

Design Notes: The game was created to run on any computer using Windows XP or later. Emulation on a Mac may be possible, but this has not been tested.

External link to download (game is about 4.5 megabytes in size): Mega Man: Dr. Wily Wanders Off

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