Mega Man: Heavens Await You is a WIP fangame. It was confirmed March 28th, 2012 to have progress on the creators blog.


In the year 2013 all of the creator's (known as camwood in this game) friends are killed by Dr. Kill and must be advenged. The only survivor, derpy, made a saviour that can bring friends back to life, but not crushes (Due to the fact camwood's crush is dead, and an angel) of someone.

After Dr. Kill is defeated, all of the friends are revived and are alive again and Dr. Kill is put to jail. Then The game ends.


  • This game might be the first mega man game to be released out of the creators games.
  • This game is somewhaat based on true stories.
  • This game is one of the ONLY fangames of it's kind, not following the mega man formula, where there are 8 robot masters, then there are dr. wily/cossack stages. This game has the Dr. Kill stages.
  • Dr. Kill was "the worst villan he made" to the makers girlfiend.
  • This is the first game with the "Fire Flower Games" logo.
  • This game uses another fangame's music called Nezumiman.

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