Here's a game idea for a Mega Man fangame I've been thinking of myself! It's "Mega Man: Mystic Phantasm"!


In the year 20XX, Dr. Wily is in an ancient shrine found in Japan, looking around for any artifacts worth stealing when he comes across an ancient robot known as "Oyashiro". Intrigued by such a robot, Dr. Wily decides to take Oyashiro back to Skull Castle.

While in Skull Castle one night, Oyashiro suddenly activated and started sending strange radio waves through Skull Castle, causing all his robots to activate and await Dr. Wily's orders while causing the robots in Monstropolis (including the 8 Robot Masters) to go insane and start rampaging in the city. Delighted and amazed by such an act, Dr. Wily decides to have his own robots wreak havoc in Monstropolis as well.

Meanwhile, Dr. Light notices that Roll had gone insane as well, yet Auto, Protoman and Mega Man were immune to the radio waves Oyashiro sent out. Mega Man suspects that Dr. Wily could've caused such a problem when, all of a sudden, Dr. Wily's face shows up on the tv. Dr. Wily explains that he used Oyashiro to make all the robots in Monstropolis go insane and that he'll turn off the radio waves if Mega Man surrenders.

Mega Man says he refuses to surrender, then tells Auto and Dr. Light to keep Roll from harming any innocent people and runs off, ready to put a stop to Dr. Wily's nefarious plot...



  • Mega Man
  • Rush
  • Dr. Light
  • Dr. Wily
  • Oyashiro
  • Roll
  • Auto
  • Proto Man
  • Bass (Probably)
  • Air Man

Robot Masters

These Robot Masters listed below were the ones who were affected by Oyashiro's radio waves, hence the name "Oyashiro-Sama Number (Robot Master Number)".

Model No.NameWeaponWeakness
OSN-001Dash ManDash StrikerBond Glue
OSN-002Battery ManBattery SparkRave Baton
OSN-003Number ManNumber BombBattery Spark
OSN-004Sand ManSand CycloneDash Striker
OSN-005Fairy WomanFairy SpreaderMystic Stream
OSN-006Rave WomanRave BatonNumber Bomb
OSN-007Bond ManBond GlueSand Cyclone
OSN-008Witch WomanMystic StreamFairy Spreader

Wily Castle Bosses

  • To Be Announced

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