Mega Man/Rock Light, is a character and the main protagonist of the upcoming fan series, Mega Man REBOOT.

Mega Man
img: mega_man_reboot.png 200x200
Vital statistics
Title The Blue Bomber
Gender Male
Race Robot Master
Faction Good
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Level {{{level}}}
Status Alive
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The automaton son of Dr. Light, Mega Man is a just and young Robot Master who wishes to bring peace to the world and stop the threats of Dr. Wily and his army of robots. With the Mega Buster in hand and the Copy Chip, Mega Man is ready to stop the rogue Robot Masters and save the world.


Originally built to aid Dr. Light, along with Roll, Rock is the "son" of Dr. Light, and also his assistant. Rock aided in designing his fellow Robot Masters, his brothers and sister.

Rock soon volunteered to fight against Dr. Wily, and was modified for combat, and became Mega Man, and begant to fight against the Robot Masters  


Rock displays a light-hearted and kind nature, being very easy going and often care free. He is a bit oblivious, as well as naive as well, however, he will become serious and focused when the time is needed. He appears to think on his feet, if not always jumping into situations without thinking things through.


Dr. Thomas Light:

Dr. Light is Rock's father, mentor and also friend. Rock looks up to his creator, and is always curious and interested in his many inventions, and often aids Dr. Light as well in said inventions. Dr. Light also helps Rock as his teacher and mentor, telling him about all his skills, and often tells Rock about the abilities he has, as well as how to use them inside or outside of battle.

Roll Light:

Rock's life long best friend and sister, Roll is always ready to help her twin brother out whenever he needs help.


Mega Buster:

Mega Man's buster can shoot spheres charged by solar energy, and can go through walls depending on how much is charged into it. Fully charged blasts can make physical contact with walls and break through them, while regular shots can disable robots if shot enough, or destroy them.

Copy Chip:

The source of all of his copied abilities, the copy chip allows Rock to copy his foes abilities, weapons, etc. According to Dr. Light, this copy chip is only in its beta stages, and can only copy the powers of his opponets weapons.

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