Mega Man 12

Mega Man 12
takes place during the dawn of a new era where Machines, EM Beings, and humans prospered together. A time when many people celebrated Dr. Lights inventions and efforts. However, evil would still be there to conquer the Earth. And so Mega Man, X, Geo, Zero, Omega-Xis,Trigger, Netto, Megaman EXE, Vent & Aile, Grey & Ashe, and friends are there to protect Earth from the evil that surrounds it. Meanwhile, in space, a battle was being fought. It was Luxor Sphinx and his brother Omicron. Luxor Sphinx was trying to protect his home planet from Omicron's iron grip. They clashed one final time...and fell into Earth's atmosphere. They both crash landed on seperate countries of Earth. Luxor Sphinx in Electopia, and Omicron in Choina. After Mega Man found Luxor Sphinx lying unconscious and brought him back to base. When Luxor Sphinx came to and told Mega Man what was going to happen to the universe if Omicron wasn't defeated before it was too late. And so journey began...

--AcromanX3 18:12, 29 August 2009 (UTC)

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