Mega Man 12 or Rock Man 12: A Fusion of Masters is a game for the Wii Ware, PSP, I Pod and PIV. This game is the sequel to Mega Man 11 or Rock Man 11: The Birth of A Mystery. It takes place 5 months after the 11th. R. Shadow Prototype 2 wants revenge on Mega Man after he defeated him in the game before. So, he creates the Combine Shaocker! He has a plot to use his lastest creation to fusion up all of Mega Man's previous enimey Robot Maters (Axl helped) It's released on March 3, 2014 on Wii Ware and I Pod and March 17, 2014 on PSP and PIV.


R. Shadow Prototype 2 was looking upon Wily's Castle after the self-destruct scene. Mega Man and his friends were in that scarp. Back in the castle, Kirby was waiting for his pals to come back so he can tell them what he saw. When R. Shadow Prototype 2 and Axl returned, Kirby told them what had happen. R. Shadow knew that it was Mega Man who did all that! So he and his allies made a new creation, the Combine Shocker. He was using this to bring back all of Mega Man's old foes. They were mixed into sixteen super masters! On the other hand, Mega Man got out of the dump and decided to stop the chaos of the Fusion Masters.

Main Characters

  • Mega Man (12th)
  • Proto Man (10th)
  • Bass (6th)
  • Dr. Light (11th)
  • R. Shadow Prototype 2 (2nd)
  • Axl (2nd)
  • Dr. Wily (12th)
  • Rush (10th)

Robot Masters

  • Fusion One
  • Fusion Two
  • Fusion Three
  • Fusion Four
  • Fusion Five
  • Fusion Dark
  • Fusion Star
  • Fusion Killer
  • Fusion Six
  • Fusion Seven
  • Fusion Eight
  • Fusion King
  • Fusion Future
  • Fusion Nine
  • Fusion Ten
  • Fusion Eleven

Wily Bosses

  • Wily One
  • Wily Two
  • Wily Three
  • Wily Four
  • Wily Five
  • Wily Six
  • Wily Seven
  • Wily Eight
  • Wily Nine
  • Wily Ten
  • Wily Machine 12
  • Rockily Axdow Prototype 2


After Rockily Axdow is defeated, Mega Man throws the body into the Combine Shocker. R. Shadow and Axl jump out unharmed, while Dr. Wily is showned in the Combine Shocker begging for mercy. R. Shadow decides to end it once and for all. He and Mega Man than arrests Dr. Wily. As with Wily in jail again, Dr. Light forgived R. Shadow and Axl for all the damage. Kirby is happy that everything is normal too. But, a dark light appears in the lab. To Be Continued is showned below.


  • This is the second game that actually features a character from another Mega Man Series. The first was Mega Man 11.
  • This is the second time Dr. Wily ended up in jail. The first was Mega Man 6.

Continued in Mega Man 13 or Rock Man 13: Axl's Revail