Mega Man 1st Century is a sequel to Mega Man Century. It is a different series altogether.


Wily is nothing more than a minor character in Mega Man Century and completely absent in Mega Man Century 2. No one seems to know where he is. Suddenly, Century Man notices a rift in time and space and decides to check it out. He lands in the time when Drs. Light and Wily were starting to separate as friends. There and then, he meets a mysterious robot who calls himself Millenium Man. When he realizes that he cannot win, he escapes back to his time. But he lands on a future when Wily rules the world, Dr. Light is dead, and all known robots are non-existent. Century really wants to go back to stop Millenium Man, but he cannot do that. In this continuity, the Rossum family are still alive, including the Rossum Bots (don't ask), but are in hiding to avoid certain death by Wily.


In this game, Century Man can obtain various disguises from enemies and NPCs alike to get past the various areas for various purposes. Century can use his Temporal Illusion ability for invincibility in case enemies attack, but has a limited use. The idea is to find the Rossum Bots, obtain abilities from them, using abilities and disguises previously obtained. All stages have some way of using all the abilities, so it's a matter of finding all the secrets before facing against Millenium Man again.

Stages, like other Mega Man games, can be selected from the beginning.



Model No.NameAbility
IRN-001Awesome ManAwesome Flight
IRN-002Stun WomanStun Shock
IRN-003Virus ManVirus Field
IRN-004Surf ManSpeed Surf
IRN-005Hot WomanFire Ring
IRN-006Glacier ManGlacier Climb
IRN-007Flat Man2D Crawl
IRN-008Guard ManGuard Heal