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Mega Man 9 Battle & Fighters is a fan-made game created by David Emiliano Palleres (Producciones Andrómeda), released in 2012.

It is a simple game based on Mega Man 9 using 8-bit sprites, made with the M.U.G.E.N engine. The objective of the game is to defeat all Robot Masters using the two heroes: Mega Man and Proto Man. It also includes battles against Robot Masters from previous games and a new original Robot Master made for this game. Aditionally, there is a final battle against the evil Dr. Wily.

Mega Man 9 Battle & Fighters is a fighting game similar to Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters in gameplay mechanics, with sprites and music made in an 8-bit style.

Mega Man 9 Battle & Fighters is a fan-made game created by the Mega Man M.U.G.E.N Team in 2009. The game is very similar to the Power Battle series, but is in Spanish and in 8-bit.


Unlike Mega Man 9, the game is similar to other Power Battle games (not Rockman: Battle & Fighters, which has exaggeration). All sprites are in 8-bit, except two miscellaneous sprites are not in 8-bit, such as the words from a fighting game reading, "[?] Golpes", which means, "[?] hits". In addition to the second miscellaneous sprite, the words, "Player Gana", which translates to "Player Wins" is in Marvel vs. Capcom style. Like in Power Battle and Power Fighters where characters have exaggeration, the exaggerations for most characters are taken off, except for Mega Man and Proto Man, making the fights more difficult to make it look like original from the other 8-bit games.


All characters are in 8-bit, but characters from Mega Man 8 are not original in non-fan games. These characters have appeared in the game:

=Playable characters




  • Frost Man's sprite is actually a cameo of other sprites, like the one in Rockman 8 Famicom and the one in Mega Man 10.

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