Mega Man Century (Japanese: ロックマン 世紀 Rockman Seiki) is nothing more than an idea thought out by Pikmin Master, so don't expect it to be a real fan game.

It has two sequels, Mega Man Century 2 and Mega Man 1st Century, the latter of which is a different series.


Sometime before the events of Mega Man 6, Issac Rossum, the son of another colleague of Dr. Light, graduated from the Robot Institute of Technology with high honors. Around that time, he became fascinated with Mega Man, so he wanted to create a Robot Master in time for the 1st Annual Robot Tournament. This resulted in Awesome Man's registration to said Tournament. Awesome Man did not made it to the finals, but was one of the semifinalists, just barely losing to Tomahawk Man.

Later, he created more Robot Masters, some with help from Drs. Light (Flat Man) and Wily (Virus Man).

But suddenly, one of Rossum's Robot Masters turned on him and killed him.

It's up to Mega Man to figure out who killed Rossum, but...which of Rossum's Robot Masters killed him?


Robot Masters

Model No.NameWeaponWeakness
IRN-001Awesome ManAWESOME LAZARVirus Shot
IRN-002Stun WomanStunning HeartGlacier Rise
IRN-003Virus ManVirus ShotWave Guard
IRN-004Surf ManSweet TideStunning Heart
IRN-005Hot WomanFire DanceSweet Tide
IRN-006Glacier ManGlacier RiseFire Dance
IRN-008Guard ManWave GuardPaper Cut

Post-game Story

While fighting the Robot Masters, Dr. Light feels sorry that he didn't help Rossum when the killer striked, so he decided to create a Robot Master in his honor. After the RMs are defeated, Century Man's design is complete. Then Wily does his usual thing and plotted for world domination, claiming it was he who told the killer bot to kill Rossum.

Century Man then gives Mega Man his ability Temporal Illusion for beta testing. It turned out useful for finding and defeating Wily. However, Wily wasn't doing anything and was forced to go with another world domination scheme because the killer bot forced him to. Mega Man later found and terminated the killer bot once and for all. Rossum can finally rest in peace...




  • The majority of the Robot Masters are innocent; they just don't want Mega Man to intrude on their territory.
  • Not all of the Robot Masters are aware of the death of their creator.
  • This is the only game in which a Robot Master battle occured in the beginning of a stage.
  • This is also the only game in which the official name of a weapon is in all caps, even though the game renders every letter as all caps.
  • Issac Rossum's name is taken from Issac Newton and R.U.R.

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