Mega Man Century 2 is a sequel to Mega Man Century.


Something big is happening soon and a bunch of Robot Masters from various creators wants Mega Man's help. They want to test out their strength against him and whoever else Mega Man decides to partner up with. Dr. Light suggests that if they are going to fight, might as well do it in a simulator so there is no need for needless real fighting.


The sources of all of these RMs differ, but Light takes the serial number for them.

Robot Masters

Model No.NameWeaponWeakness
DLN-101Thermo ManCold FlareSpacial Reverse
DLN-102Empty ManSpacial ReverseLiquid Sphere
DLN-103Beam ManLaser BeamSuper Spin
DLN-104Twist ManSuper SpinBouncing Bunnies
DLN-105Boom ManSelf-DestructCold Flare
DLN-106Push ManRepel MagnetSelf-Destruct
DLN-107Bounce WomanBouncing BunniesCold Flare
DLN-108Liquid ManLiquid SphereLaser Beam, Repel Magnet