Mega Man Century 3: Tournament of the Century (tentative name) is an upcoming fangame from Pikmin Master, which takes place some time after its predecessor Mega Man Century 2.


This is a multi-senario game, in which three playable characters, Mega Man, Bass, and Awesome Man, compete in a huge robot competition hosted by Century Man. Each playable character has to fight a certain number of Robot Masters other people have made, including some from the previous Century games.

Mega Man senario

Sometime near the end of the competition, a strange presence threatens to ruin the tournament. This unknown character takes over most of the finalists.

Mega Man meets Awesome Man and thinks that Century Man may have a clue as to what happened, so he runs off while Mega Man works his way through the defected Robot Masters. Stun Woman, Thermo Man, and Beam Man appear as bosses so Mega Man can have new weapons to deal with the defected RMs.

Mega Man's senario style is "Classic Mega Man", which means it's the style of all Mega Man games. Like Mega Man 3, there are two weakness cycles, with 5 RMs pertaining to one and 3 on another.

Model No.NameWeaponWeakness
IRN-002Stun WomanLightning CommandWhip Snap
DLN-101Thermo ManBurning IceWash Whirlpool
DLN-103Beam ManContinuous BeamShadow Web
MXN-109Twin MenTwin WaveBurning Ice
MXN-110Camera ManWhip SnapContinuous Beam
MXN-111Arachno WomanShadow WebViking Axe
MXN-112Wash ManWash WhirlpoolTwin Wave
MXN-113Viking ManViking AxeLightning Command

Bass senario

Bass enters the tournament knowing that he'll win. Besides, would he resist a fighting tournament?

Bass's senario style is "Metroidvania", which means that all the RMs are in one large explorable dungeon with different sections based on the Robot Master. Liquid Man's portion is the hardest to explore, as it requires the use of the other weapons.

Model No.NameWeaponWeakness
IRN-004Surf ManOcean BlastNova Star
DLN-106Push ManMagnet LauncherClay Bomb
DLN-108Liquid ManCell SplitBright Moon
MXN-114Noise ManSound ShieldMagnet Launcher
MXN-115Clay ManClay BombOcean Blast
MXN-116Wing ManMetal FeatherSound Shield
MXN-117Lunar ManBright MoonCell Split
MXN-118Celest WomanNova StarCrescent Cutter

Awesome Man senario

Awesome Man, like Bass, enters the tournament, but unlike him, he enters for fun.

He eventually realizes that something is wrong with the tournament and tries to contact Century Man. But wait...what's wrong with Century Man?

Awesome Man's senario style is "Leaderboard", meaning that Awesome and seven other Robot Masters will fight tournament-style. The RM choices are random, meaning the first three bosses are random, which he'll get a special weapon after. He will eventually fight all eight. Also, there are no RM stages in his senario; just the bosses.

Model No.NameWeaponWeakness
IRN-008Guard ManRiot GuardChess Shield
DLN-102Empty ManDark HoleMeteor Charge
DLN-107Bounce WomanPower BounceFire Surprise
MXN-125Prank ManFire SurpriseRiot Guard
MXN-126Apple ManApple ShieldSteel Saw
MXN-127Steel ManSteel SawDark Hole
MXN-128Meteor ManMeteor ChargePower Bounce
MXN-129Rook ManChess ShieldApple Shield