Megaman Country

Megaman Country Screen

Mega Man Country is a fictional fan game by RedFurnace. It is a PS-Vita, GBA and Famicon game based on Megaman Unlimited and Mega Man & Bass but with cooler robots, more bosses and outrageous items. Challenges are also included.


In 20XX, Dr. Wily worked with Dr. Fever, his evil, former best friend. He helped Dr. Fever building eight robots to cause chaos in Country Side. After they finished building them and training them, Dr. Fever Betrayed Dr. Wily and throw him out of his own lab.

Meanwhile, Dr. Light was re-programming Cut Man and Ice Man. They became good robots and worked for Dr. Light. Mega Man and Proto Man were destroying Virus Robots and completed their tasks. Roll awarded them Golden Medals and made them trained. Dr. Wily ran to Dr. Light saying "I want to work with you now! Dr. Fever stabbed me in the back by using his robots and threw me out of My own lab". Dr. Light asked him if he was sure. Dr. Wily said yes. Cut Man and Ice Man even supplied Drinks for both of them as Dr. Light and Dr. Wily was talking together.

Roll gave them intell that Robots from Wily's Lab are invading Country Side. Dr. Wily and Dr. Light sent Mega Man and Proto Man to stop them. So Mega Man and Proto Man went on the Quest to destroy them and who was up to plannning the schemes.


Mega Man Country Players

Playable Characters (Rock and Blues)


  • Mega Man
  • Proto Man


  • Roll
  • Dr. Light
  • Dr. Wily
  • Virus Reploid
  • Dr. Fever
  • Hip Hop, Pop and Jazz


Special Characters are Characters that helps you in fightings Bosses and Sub-Bosses (if you trade them 50 screws each). They may also be playable in Challenges.

  • Cut Man
  • Ice Man


  • Rush
  • Beat
  • Tango
Mega Man Country Robot Masters

The 8 Robots in order from left to right


Model No.NameWeaponWeakness
CSW-005Petroleum ManPetroleum GunFire Bomb
CSW-006Bazooka ManBazooka MissileDarkness Hole
CSW-007Molotov ManFire Bomb

Iceberg Well

CSW-008Iceberg ManIceberg Well

Bazooka Missile

CSW-009Charged ManElectric WaveSpinning Claws
CSW-010Claw ManSpinning ClawsPetroleum Gun
CSW-011Neon ManNeon Ray Gun

Electric Wave

CSW-012Somber ManDarkness Hole

Neon Ray Gun



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