Mega Man DX is a game by Capcom/Grinder TH. It is available on PC, Iphone and Wiiware.


Mega Man discovers Dr Wily has a new plot- using left over parts from all the destroyed Robot Masters, he is constructing the EndGame Canon- certain to destroy the planet!

Mega Man springs into action, but by the time he reaches Wily, the cannon is already complete! Dr Wily turns this terrifying machine on...

But, much to his horror, it takes 1 WEEK to charge up and fire. Mega Man thinks up a plan...

Mega Man arrives back at Dr Light's lab, and tells Dr Light all about this scheme. Dr Light builds a time machine, so Mega Man can go back in time and eradicate the robot masters so Dr Wily cannot use their parts! However, along with this, Dr Wily has built his own machine, gone into the future, and made NEW robot masters!

Mega Man must dash through the stages of the past and put an end to Wily's scheme.


The game uses classic NES style graphics, but 100% Custom made. Right down to Mega Man, to Airman, everything is custom made. Some of the robot masters, like Wood Man and Airman, are a bit taller and more intimindating than the game they first appeared in.

Masters from Mega Man 7 and 8 will also be included, only re-skinned in 8-bit form.

Playable characters

  • Mega Man
  • Protoman
  • Zero (Future only)
  • X (Future only)
  • Roll (Can't go into future)

Differences from original games

  • The games are made much harder, as there are few E-tanks.


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