The following is a list of editors who have proved themselves worthy of earning positions of prestige in the database. Such positions are awarded to those who continually show that they are willing to create and write in-depth articles, cover a scope of a project, and/or revert vandalism.

Those in red are inactive: Those in green are semi-active: Those in blue are active:

Nintendomariofanon Dr. Ivo Robotnik and Ericard (Team) Quick
Ytrrty Minwu
D-BoyWheeler Pikmin Master
Dog Man image


Administrators are able to block vandals, delete files, rollback vandalism and move images. There are two types of Administrators: Sysops and Bureaucrats.


Bureaucrats are able to perform all tasks listed, block vandals, delete files, rollback vandalism and move images, and as well as change the rights of a user.

Moderators (Sysop)

Moderators are people who have been granted rollback rights. Though they are not more important than any other user, they have been give these rights because of their extensive editing to articles, images, etc.

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