Robot Masters


Douse Man
"Get set to get wet, kid!"
In-Game Information
Attack Damage: TBD
Weapon: Bounding Bubble
Weakness: Electricity
Affiliations: Dr. Torvalds
Robot Radiers
Occupation: Entertainment
Main Stage: Water Park
Misc. Information
Japanese Name: Douse Man
Script: ダウス・マン
Romaji: Dausu Man
Designer: Apihedron
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue
Series Information
In-game Appearances: Mega Man RR
Mega Man Coliseum
Douse Man===

Created by Dr. Torvalds, Douse Man is an entertainment robot built to play with children at a water park. Unlike most robots, Douse Man runs on water coursing through his system; due to this, he must be wary of electric shock. After being reprogrammed by Alto, Douse Man took control of the water park and rerouted much of the water to Alto. Douse Man is fun-loving and energetic. While he loves to play games, he can be cocky and hates to lose. While under the control of Alto, Douse Man is seen as loyal and determined.

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