Mega Man Rocks! is a fangame created by Eric Ruth between 2007-2009. It is a fun little classic 8-bit styled game with the typical 8 robot masters, weapons, challenges, and music.

New Robot Masters

In the story of Rocks! the robot masters are named mostly for joke-purposes, here are the list of the Robot Masters that will be challenged:

Model No. Name Weapon Weakness
??? Anchor Man Anchor Swing Mega Buster
??? Door Man Door Stopper Anchor Swing
??? Hit Man Hit Shot Door Stopper
??? Police Man Police Shield Hit Shot
??? Repo Man Repo Claw Police Shield
??? Snow Man Snow Blower Repo Claw
??? Fire Man Fire Balloon Snow Blower
??? Repair Man Repair Beam Fire Balloon

Master Weapons

Anchor Swing - Sends out a spinning anchor which slowly spins as it flys forward.

Door Stopper - Creates a screen flash which instantly kills most foes, it also hurts all Robot Masters, bosses, and items.

Fire Balloon - Fires a small reddish orange ballon that explodes into a fiery blaze when it hits something. It floats fowards diagonallly.

Snow Blower - Shoots out small snow flakes, does decent damage against most foes.

Police Shield - Creates a shield that protects you from most attacks, works by rebounding some weapons.

Repo Claw - Sends out a huge claw, similar to Thunder Claw actually, does OK damage.

Hit Shot - Shoots out a small bulls-eye and upon contact causes 10 bullets from off screen to hit an enemy for mass damage.

Repair Beam - Fires a beam of energy that instantly fixes broken items, heals Robot Masters, and damages self-healing foes.

Wily 1 wily Drill
Wily 2 wily star
Wily 3 boss rush & wily tank & wily capsule

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