Mega Man Rush is a fan game that stars Rush (jap:Rash). It is set to take place during the classic series. A point feature is also planned.


Dr. Cossack has had enough. He creates four new robot masters, who are: Sniper Man, Guns Man, Inviso Woman, and Star Fox. When Dr. Light found out about the chaos, Hard Hat recommened that someone should go. Rush appeared and agreed to go. Dr. Light turned on the machine and a new Rush, model 2, appeared. Get ready for some exciting challages.

Data Base,Stages

Stages are:

Sniper Man: This stage is big city. Spikes early in the stage make this stage a challage.

Guns Man: Mets and Pierrobots make their apearance here. The stage is a weapon factory. Some parts feature belts that alter direction.

Inviso Woman: This stage is a forest and fulled with Bubble Bats and Inviso Disks. Water is also here, along with a Big Eye.

Star Fox: Star Man's stage, with an atlered touch.

There are Cossack Stages too.

Data Base:

Sniper Man is weak to Star Crush. Gives Super Sniper. Guns man is weak to Super Sniper. Give Homing Bullet. Inviso Woman has no weakness, thought shows up when affected by Homing Bullet. Gives Magic Platform and Inviso Blast, a Rush Buster clone with more power. Star Fox is one hit KO'ed by Inviso Blast. Gives Star Crush, Star Man's weapon.


Rush v. 2 is based upon Mega Man.

Roll will appear in the ending of the game, like in Mega Man 1.

Some enemies and Robot Masters are punned.

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