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Summary: Mega Man Star Force 4 Savior's Legacy takes place fours years after the events of the third game. Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis (Aka Mega) are known as the Mega Man, the savior of the world. But one day Cepheus has seek aid from Mega Man when Planet FM is under attack by the mysterious appearence of Noise. Mega Man agreed to help Cepheus and left earth for a over a year now.  Now one year after his disappearence, a new king as taken the throne of Planet FM and earth is now endanger. Now one unlikely young teen will recieve Geo's legecy and become the new Mega Man. But can he handle to responsiblity of becoming the savior like his hero? Note: Mixture of ZX and Zero series are included in this story. Link below  Link:

List of Characters 

Aero Celestial: The new protagonist of the fourth game and the second half of the Star Force series . He's your typical emotionless deadpan fifteen year old teen who somehow recieved Geo's Legeacy from a shooting star and is now the current successor of being "Mega Man." Aero recieved the powers of Mega Man with the help of Geo Stelar's invention, biometal. His biometal, Model X, allows Aero to EM Wave Change into Mega Man and also has the ability to merge with the other five biometals. 

Kyra Jadeite: She's Aero's love interest and a mysterioius girl who share a mysterious past with our deadpan protagonist. 

Evan William: A member of Satella Police who been selected to take part of a special project known as the Dagger Project. He assign a wizard that allows him to EM Wave change and become one of Aero's main rivals in the series 
Vile Blue: Aero's rival for Kyra's affection and Kyra's male best friend. Ever since Aero appeared to Estrella High School, Kyra apparently been acting different and Vile believed that Aero is the caused of this and doesn't want her hanging around someone that he believed that might hurt her. 

The King's Assistant: A mysterious human assistant that works with the new FM King. 
A.C. Eos:
Sonia Strumm: 
Luna Platz:
Bud Bison: 
Zack Temple: 
Geo Stelar: 


Double bio merge. 

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