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The various casts of the various Mega Man universes play Whose Line is it Anyway?

Each has four contestants at a time, from the possible cast. See the discussion tab for further rules.

Mega Man (Classic)

Host: Dr. Light
Possible Cast (feel free to add other ideas): Mega Man and Protoman (the Colin and Ryan, respectively); Roll; Kalinka; Dr. Cossack; Bomb Man; Oil Man; Time Man; Guts Man; Cut Man; Elec Man; Ice Man; Fire Man; Galaxy Man; Jewel Man; Plug Man; Tornado Man; Magma Man; Hornet Man; Splash Woman; Concrete Man.

Mega Man X

Host: Signas
Possible Cast (feel free to add other ideas): X and Zero (the Colin and Ryan, respectively); Axl; Iris; Alia; Layer; Pallette; Douglas; Lifesaver.

Mega Man Zero

Hostess: Ciel
Possible Cast (feel free to add other ideas): Cerveau and Hirondelle (the Colin and Ryan, respectively); Rouge; Jaune; Autruche; Colbor; Doigt; Faucon; Hibou; Menart; Perroquiet; Pic; Rocinolle; Neige; Rafale; Brise; Tempete; Tornado; Typhon, Zero, Harpuia, Leviathan, Fenir, Phantom, Copy X.

Mega Man ZX

Hostess: Prairie
Possible Cast (feel free to add other ideas): Grey and Vent (the Colin and Ryan, respectively); Aile; Ashe; Flueve; Thon; Cedre; Congre; Muget; Rose; Nicol; Lazarus; Red; Anna; Carley; Chris; Gary; Jim; Kidd; Meg; Nana; Nick; Ray; Ward; Billy; George; Doug; Kirk; Ben; Roger; Tim; Kyrian; Abe; Patrick; Rascoe; Dale; Burt.

Mega Man Legends

Host: Barrel Casket
Possible Cast (feel free to add other ideas): Mega Man Volnutt and Bola (the Colin and Ryan, respectively);Verner von Bluecher; Yuna; Roll Casket; Tron Bonne.

Mega Man Battle Network

(Anyone want to make starter ideas here?)

Mega Man Star Force Series

(Anyone want to make starter ideas here?)

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