Mega Man X- Blast From The Past Game Cover

The Game Cover

On The Year 22XX, Reploids Have Created Ways To Travel Through Space And Time!

At Maverick Hunter Base, The Team Receives A Maverick Warning From Central City!


Mega Man X- The A Rank Hunter With Armor And More!

Axl-  The Blaster Master Rookie Hunter Of The Jakobs!

Zero-The S Rank Hunter With The Powerful Saber.

Dr.Light- A Hologram Message And A Real World Human.Dr. Light Can Help Give The Hunters Armor And Hints!

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Sky Fortress- The Ginat Battleship That Services As A Stronghold For The Mavericks!

Central City- Most Of The Robot Masters Are On Rampage In Central City! Clear The Area!

Lava Powerhouse- The Underground Maverick Mineing Plant. There Might Dozens Of Mavericks Mineing Here Be Careful!

Skull Truck- The Robot Masters Are Planing To Escape On A Armed Fleet Of Trucks! Stop Their Get Away!

Hydro Chamber- A Maverick Plant Using Hydropower Againist The City As Been Detected Underwater! Stop Any Futher Designs For Their New Hydro Weapon!

Electric Castle- A Castle West Of The City Has Been Detected! Destory The Castle And Halt Any Futher Weapon Designs

Maverick Tower- A Tower Has Been Built By The Mavericks Enter And Defeat The Leader Of This Tower!

Adandoned Castle- The Robot Masters Are Planing To Built A New Army! Destory The Castle And Halt Anyone New Robot Designs!

Final Stages

Grand Fortress- The Mavericks And Robot Masters Are Headed To Their Base Follow Them!

Space Deck- The Mavericks And Robot Masters' Final Fortress! Make No Mistake Here!

Twin Towers- Wily And Sigma's Plans Are Comeing To A End! Make Your Way Through The Towers!

Final Palace - The Ending To The Great Story! Take Them Down!

Central Core- Sigma Lives! Defeat Him Once And For All!

Mavericks And Robot Masters

Grand Leader X2

Flare Man

Earth Hawk


Splash Dragroon

Elec Man  

Grand Leader X1

Knight Man

Final Bosses

Bass And Dyanmo

Iris,Colonel And Cloud Man X

Yellow Devil & Shadow Devil

Wily Capusle X And Emperor Sigma 

Virus Core

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